Ear, Nose, Throat, and Audiology Services

The Ear, Nose, Throat, and Audiology department at Memorial Healthcare delivers care services to patients suffering from conditions in these areas of the body. The experienced team of physicians uses the most advanced treatments for ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disorders in infants, children, adolescents, and adults in Owosso and throughout the State of Michigan.

Otolaryngology Services Offered at Memorial Healthcare

The ear, nose, and throat are closely connected, and many issues affecting one area may impact the other two. Otolaryngologists are the physicians who specialize in treating the ear, nose, and throat, and they often are referred to as ENT doctors. These medical professionals have the expertise, skills, and techniques necessary to treat head and neck conditions with medicine and surgery. They also have a long history, as the American Academy of Otolaryngology indicates this area of focus is the oldest in the country.

Some specific issues patients can obtain assistance with at Memorial Healthcare include:

  • Allergy services
  • Salivary glands
  • Lump in the neck
  • Swallowing issues
  • Cerumen (earwax) removal
  • Breathing disorders
  • Tonsil/adenoid surgery
  • Sleep apnea and snoring
  • Hoarseness/voice disorder
  • Minor head/neck cosmetic procedures
  • Sores of the mouth, tongue, and throat
  • Ear tubes and balloon dilation methods
  • Sinus surgery with advanced techniques and tools

Besides otolaryngology care, patients can obtain audiology services from a certified audiologist, such as hearing assessments with the OtoAcoustic Emission machine. This instrument shows physicians detailed information on the severity of a patient’s hearing loss, even in young children unable to talk to doctors about their sense of hearing. Other audiology services for patients include:

  • Auditory brainstem response
  • Complete hearing evaluation, including tympanometry
  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Video/electronystagmography for vertigo
  • Hearing aid services (evaluation, introduction, fitting, analysis, repair, and maintenance)

About the Providers

The team of otolaryngologists and audiologists at Memorial Healthcare has numerous capabilities to treat individuals with a variety of ear, nose, and throat concerns. Patients can receive care from the following providers:

  • Shannon Radgens, DO: Dr. Radgens is a board-certified otolaryngologist who studied medicine at Michigan State University and completed his residency at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital. He also has board certification in facial plastic surgery and accomplished an otolaryngology fellowship. Besides otolaryngology, Radgens specializes in audiology, surgery, face plastics, and allergy and immunology.

  • Michael Nelson, PA-C: Michael is a certified physician assistant in the otolaryngology department. He has the skills necessary to conduct head and neck surgery alongside Radgens.

  • Diane Zuckschwerdt, MA, CCC-A: Diane is a certified audiologist who attended medical school at Michigan State University. She has expertise in multiple areas of audiology, including hearing aid services and hearing screenings.


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