Wound Management

Patients with chronic and acute wounds can receive the care they need to heal and prevent infection at Memorial Healthcare in Owosso, Michigan. Serving patients in Shiawassee County and its surrounding areas, the wound management department demonstrates a commitment to comprehensive, personalized patient care and treats a wide variety of conditions using leading technology and techniques. Learn more about wound care and the services available.

About Wound Care

At Memorial Healthcare, the wound management providers take a multifaceted, patient-centered approach. Each individual’s wounds are thoroughly assessed, taking a variety of considerations into account. These factors typically include the following:

  • Wound type (laceration, surgical, burn, abrasion, etc.)
  • Location and surrounding skin health
  • Amount of tissue loss
  • Wound bed and stage of healing
  • Wound size and edge
  • Presence of infection
  • Level of pain

For patients presenting with skin ulcers, the wound may be classified by stage. However, most wounds are categorized into two primary types:

  • Acute wounds: These are wounds that progress through the normal healing stages. They present defined, sequential signs of healing. These wounds may be the result of surgery or trauma and typically heal in a matter of weeks.
  • Chronic wounds: While some wounds progress without issue, chronic wounds stall in one of the phases of healing. These wounds show no signs of progression and generally take longer to resolve themselves. These are often associated with underlying issues that inhibit the healing process.

Physicians take several steps to maintain an ideal environment to help wounds heal properly. Some of these steps include:

  • Managing underlying conditions
  • Removing nonviable tissue
  • Maintaining an ideal moisture balance
  • Wound cleansing
  • Infection prevention
  • Odor and exudate control
  • Pain management

Wound Management Services at Memorial Healthcare

The providers at Memorial Healthcare specialize in treating a broad range of complex wounds. This includes skin ulcers. These wounds generally appear as round, open sores in the skin with a raised, thicker edge. As the ulcer progresses, it will resemble a crater and the patient may experience swelling, tenderness, and other symptoms in the area. Some of the skin ulcers treated at Memorial Healthcare include:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers: A common complication for patients with diabetes, foot ulcers commonly arise beneath the big toes and the balls of the feet. If left untreated, they may lead to infection and/or amputation. Discussing podiatry issues with a medical professional is an important part of wellness and maintaining healthy feet.
  • Venous leg ulcers: As the result of poor blood flow in the veins, venous leg wounds typically present between the knee and ankle. They may be caused by varicose veins, damage to the valves inside the leg’s veins, or chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Arterial leg ulcers: Similar to venous leg ulcers, arterial wounds are caused by poor circulation. They often appear in several areas, including the lower leg and outside of the ankles. This may be due to several factors, including diabetes, hypertension, or atherosclerosis.

If left untreated, a skin ulcer may become infected. This can hinder the healing process and cause other complications. An infection can spread deeper into the tissue, as well as into the joints, bones, and blood.

Other types of wounds treated at Memorial Healthcare include the following:

  • Minor burns
  • Trauma wounds
  • Non-healing surgery wounds
  • Other non-healing wounds

Advanced Wound Treatment Options

Using the latest treatments and technology in advanced care services, the wound management team at Memorial Healthcare is dedicated to helping patients heal. Our provider, Marie Spiess, PA-C, RVT, CWS, is experienced in a variety of treatment methods, including the following services:

Wound Dressing

Wound dressings are used to help protect the wound and facilitate better healing. There are many types of dressings available for patients, such as:

  • Gauze dressings
  • Foams
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Alginates
  • Composites


Debridement is the process of removing damaged, dead (necrotic), or infected tissue to help a wound heal. Removing damaged skin helps make room for new tissue growth and helps reduce the chance of infection. It is typically used for more serious and chronic wounds, such as skin ulcers and severe burns. The physician will select the ideal debridement method based on the patient’s health and the severity of the condition.

Bio-Engineered Skin Substitutes

The physicians at Memorial Healthcare are experienced in using bio-engineered skin substitutes in wound management practices. Skin substitutes are used either temporarily or permanently and are designed to promote effective healing in serious cases.

Skin Grafting

A type of surgery, skin grafting is when a physician uses healthy skin to replace damaged or missing skin. This treatment method is often used for burns, injuries, diseases, or infections.  During the procedure, healthy skin is taken from one part of the body and transplanted to the affected area.

Lymphedema Management

Patients with lymphedema can receive the routine care they need at Memorial Healthcare. Treatments for this condition focus on swelling reduction and preventing complications.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Also called vacuum-assisted wound closure, this treatment uses suction and a fluid collection system to drain wounds and promote blood circulation to the area. It may be used on chronic wounds, as well as complex acute wounds.

The treatment method recommended depends on the type and severity of the wound, as well as the health of the patient. The physician takes care to examine the affected area in detail, listen to the concerns of the patient, and explain the ideal treatment options available. The patient will also receive follow-up care and thorough at-home wound care instructions, if necessary.


Receive Wound Care Services at Memorial Healthcare

In addition to providing top-quality care throughout the state of Michigan, Memorial Healthcare works alongside community leaders, residents, and patients to continually enhance and expand services. For more information about wound management and other patient services, contact us today.

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