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Memorial Healthcare Hospice is based at 1637 W. Main Street in Owosso, MI. Hospice care is designed to help the patient maintain a high quality of life and assist families in supporting their loved ones. Patients and caregivers in Shiawassee County and surrounding areas rely on the compassionate care of our healthcare organization for their hospice needs.

What Is Hospice?

Hospice is the ideal care option for individuals facing a terminal illness or debilitating injury. Since patients who receive hospice care often have incurable diseases, the focus is on helping them live each day with as much comfort and dignity as possible. As a result, hospice involves a holistic approach to care that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Since hospice is a type of care, providers can deliver services in various settings, whether at the patient’s home, a hospital, assisted living facility, or a similar location. At Memorial Healthcare, the hospice team can provide care at a nursing home, independent living facility, hospice house, or a private residence where the patient has lived for years. In short, hospice providers offer care wherever patients call home. A key benefit to hospice is having regular nursing visits and access to call a nurse 24/7 for any questions or needs. 

The Hospice Team

Hospice care is provided by a locally based, medically directed, compassionate and caring team of professionals:

  • Hospice Medical Director
  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Medical Social Workers
  • Home Health Aides
  • Therapists (physical, occupational, and speech)
  • Spiritual Care (Hospice Chaplin providing non-denominational support)
  • Grief Support Specialists
  • Volunteer Coordinator and Trained Hospice Volunteers

Family and referring physicians are given the opportunity to be apart of the care team. The Hospice Medical Director is always an integral part in the management of the patient’s care. 

Director Cassie Coleman, BSN, RN and manager Jane E. Sego, RN, BBA supervise the Hospice team.

Hospice Care Services

The comprehensive mindset of the hospice team ensures patients receive care that enhances the body, mind, and spirit. Our nursing team works hand-in-hand with the physicians to manage medications for all health concerns. Our medical social workers provide emotional support, assist families in finding community resources, and assist with the navigation of advanced planning. Some of the specific services people acquire with hospice care include:

  • Medication for pain management and other discomforting symptoms
  • Therapies to augment the quality of life
  • Grief and spiritual guidance to navigate the emotional effects of end-of-life care
  • Reliable medical equipment and supplies
  • Education for patients and families regarding hospice care

Patients, caregivers, and hospice team members develop a plan of care that aligns interventions and medications with end of life comfort goals that support symptom management, dignity and quality of life.

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