About Dr. Margaret Frey, DO

Dr. Frey is a board-certified neurologist with the Institute for Neuroscience. Dr. Frey provides a wide range of neurology services with a specialty in the treatment of complex epilepsy and Muscular Dystrophy. She has completed a fellowship in clinical neurophysiology and serves as the Medical Director of the MDA/ALS Care Center in Owosso.

Memorial Healthcare’s Institute for Neuroscience is world-renowned in the neurology field. Since 2015, Memorial Healthcare has been the first, or one of the first, hospitals in the State of Michigan to administer drug therapy treatments for its patients including Lemtrada (for MS), Ocrevus (for MS), Radicava (ALS), and Spinraza (for Spinal Muscular Atrophy). In addition, Memorial Healthcare is one of just three MDA care clinics in the State of Michigan.

Memorial Healthcare Institute for Neuroscience is an employed physician practice of Memorial Medical Associates, a department of Memorial Healthcare.

Watch Dr. Frey’s interview with ABC12 on SMA and our Spinraza treatment



Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine



Michigan State University - Department of Neurology



Clinical Neurophysiology (Michigan State University Department of Neurology)


Board Certifications

Neurology (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology)
Clinical Neuropsychology (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology)





4600 Garfield Road
Auburn, MI 48611

Phone: 989-729-4147 Fax: 989-729-4157

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819 N. Shiawassee Street
NOW Building - 1st Floor
Owosso MI 48867

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4200 Fashion Square Blvd, Suite 301
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Reviews (107)

4.9 Stars Overall

4.9 out of 5 (165 Ratings, 33 Comments)

Nov 17, 2023


Nov 14, 2023

I have recommended several people to Doctor Frey

Nov 09, 2023

Dr Frey Always explains everything so well listens to my conerns of whats going on and finds ways to help me out couldnt ask for a better doctor so glad to be her patient

Nov 03, 2023

Dr.Frey is the very best. I would not let anyone else do my botox shots, I could not trust anyone else to put shots in my face and neck. She has helped my migraines when no one else could.

Oct 27, 2023

Over the last few years I've recommended Dr. Frey to 3 family members who have become patients in her clinic.

Oct 23, 2023

Most definitely the best doctor I've had, all around. Never had someone more willing to actually explain, discuss, answer. Very hard to find a doctor who wants to take that time/care

Oct 13, 2023

Dr. Frey is fabulous.

Sep 30, 2023

Dr Frey is a Great Dr and Person.

Sep 20, 2023

Dr. Frey is woinderful

Sep 03, 2023

Dr. Frey is a fantastic Doctor. She is very attentive and caring and it shows. Prior to becoming her patient, I had been traveling to Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Grand Rapids trying to find a Neurologist I felt comfortable with but had no luck. At all of them I felt like I was just a number to them, just another patient to be shuffled in and out as quickly as possible. Dr. Frey makes me feel like I matter and it is easy to see that she truly cares about her patients. I know a few other people that see Dr. Frey and we all agree that she is an amazing Doctor and Owosso is lucky to have such a caring and knowledgeable Doctor.

Sep 01, 2023

Dr. Frey is always caring, understanding, and compassionate.

Aug 29, 2023

Dr Frey was exceptional.

Aug 04, 2023

I have an awesome doctor there

Aug 04, 2023

I have recommend Dr. Frey to several people. Great Doctor

Jul 28, 2023

Dr. Frey was WONDERFUL finally I have found a provider who really listens and cares!!

Jul 19, 2023

The PA was wonderful

Jun 23, 2023

I find no fault in Dr. Frey or her staff.

Jun 23, 2023

Dr Frey is amazing listen to concerns I would definitely recommend memorial health care and Dr Frey

Jun 10, 2023

Love the attention and education

May 12, 2023

All around good experience!!!

May 05, 2023

I recommend her to everyone.

Apr 30, 2023

Dr Frey is an ex ellent compassionate caregiver. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Apr 21, 2023

I would NOT hesitate to recommend Dr. Frie to family and or friends. As-a-matter-of-fact, I have been sharing my great experience w/ Dr. Frie w/ friends.

Apr 18, 2023

I live 45 minutes to an hour away from the owosso facility. I Love Doctor Margaret Frey. I have recommended several ppl to her.

Mar 17, 2023

I didn't feel like I had the opportunity to ask questions and go over options; felt rushed.

Mar 17, 2023


Mar 15, 2023

Dr Frey is so kind and understanding. Would recommend to anyone.

Mar 04, 2023

Very impressed how Dr Frye took her time and listened to ever concern and answered all questions A very good Doctor

Mar 02, 2023

Best doctor I've ever had for my situation. Took her time.

Feb 27, 2023

Could not ask for better. So caring

Jan 04, 2023

I've seen Dr. Frey, since her last day at MSU. I'm so glad she came to Memorial. I think she is absolutely great.

Dec 18, 2022

Best neurologist in my lifetime. I have seen several neurologists in the past 20 years, no one has even compared to Dr. Frey.

Dec 16, 2022

We very much appreciate the level of care & attention provided by Dr. Frye and Memorial's staff.

Dec 07, 2022

Dr. Frey was very attentive when discussing future treatments and options. She explained everything well.

Sep 28, 2022

Dr. Frey is amazing and I am thankful for her care.

Sep 17, 2022

The provider was very willing to explain everything she said so I could understand

Sep 16, 2022

Dr. Frey is amazing! She truly cares about her patients and it shows, she takes time to listen and find best method very glad to have found her office.

Sep 09, 2022

My appointment was supposed to be for a full work up, a full work up is not what I got. I left my appointment with more questions than when I went in. Doctor suggested multiple treatments within 15 minutes or so but the appointment felt so rushed I was not able to discuss treatments with her fully as well as the reasons why I felt the treatments I was currently on weren't working. I had waited almost 10 MONTHS for this appointment while dealing with scary symptoms. I Informed the doctor of a new diagnosis but she didn't look at my issues from that new diagnosis only my old one so I still have all the same issues that I've been battling for over a year now.

Sep 03, 2022

Doctor Frey has been great with my care from the very first visit. Doctor Frey listens to my concerns and explains things in a way I can understand. Outstanding Physician.

Aug 19, 2022

Dr. Frye was amazing! I would certainly recommend her to others who are in search of a neurologist. I'm looking forward to seeing her again at my next appointment. She did a good job at explaining what happened to me and further explaining to me how we can further figure out options for my care.

Aug 06, 2022


Aug 03, 2022


Aug 03, 2022

Always attentive and very thorough.

Jul 11, 2022

I have already mentioned this center to other people.

Jun 28, 2022

Excellent... I have already refered others.

Jun 11, 2022

Dr Fry is an angel. God bless you

Jun 08, 2022

Dr. Frey is my favorite doctor. She is listens, explains things well and is caring. She sets the bar high for my other providers.

Jun 03, 2022

I am now a fan of this organization and will seek all care through them now.

May 08, 2022


Apr 27, 2022

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Frey, I have been a patient of hers for a long time now, and she has helped me so much!!

Apr 23, 2022

One of the best doctors I've had. Not only thorough in explanations, but also in asking me for details of my experience with my seizure issues. And most important, actually listening and answering to any and all of my questions, and providing actual thoughtful answers

Feb 26, 2022

Always professional and great communication! One Dr visit I don't mind going to

Feb 04, 2022

Dr Frey is always very good about taking time to listen to my concerns and how I am feeling as to what meds work and don't work

Jan 21, 2022

Dr Frey is awesome!!!

Nov 06, 2021


Nov 03, 2021

Dr. Fry was simply wonderful. She actually listened and explained things to her doctors have been unable to explain. I have been dealing with chronic pain and other health issues for over a decade, so it was nice to have some answers.

Sep 28, 2021

Dr. Frey was fantastic. She listened to me & made sure to explain everything to me. She also asked my opinion in regards to my treatment.

Aug 27, 2021

Dr. Frey is the most amazing kind hearted doctor. I would never ask for a better one

Aug 13, 2021

No complaints

Aug 03, 2021

They all love there job, it show's.

Jul 07, 2021

Dr Frey listens and explains very well.

Jul 03, 2021

DR. Frey is the best. Very professional and very knowledgeable. It is very obvious she cares for her patients. I have seen other Neurologists in so called Big Cities and usually feel like I am just another patient being pushed through and not being heard. Some have barely glanced up from the clipboard they have in their hands during my visit, but not DR. Frey. DR. Frey takes the time to ask you questions and ask you If you have any questions. So happy to be under her care.

Jun 23, 2021

Dr. Frey has been amazing at treating my issues. She listens to my concerns and tries to find a way to address them. I never feel like anything I say is being ignored or dismissed. I don't know where I would be now without her excellent care and support.

Jun 23, 2021

Dr. Frey is an excellent dr who is very caring

Jun 04, 2021

Dr. Frey always addressing issues. Follows through. Response is great. Over all wonderful.

May 21, 2021

I love Dr. Frey. I've had numerous other neurologists and she outshines them all!

Mar 31, 2021

Dr Frey and the assistant were very professional and I felt confident the care I received was very good. I was referred to MHC Institute for Neuroscience for an EMG, so Dr Frey is not my primary neurologist. The doctor and her staff were very professional and did a good and thorough job, but seemed hesitant to give advice or recommendations because they were not the primary physicians for my case. That makes sense and I am satisfied with the service s I received

Mar 26, 2021

She explained talked to us. Was very good. Had him walk to see if he was moving his legs good. Very kind & caring.

Mar 02, 2021

Dr. Margaret Frey is the best of the best! I've recommended her to anyone who needs a neurologist. From her friendliness to her concern for your best interest, she is AMAZING!

Feb 24, 2021

I have recommended your practice to several friends & family.

Jan 21, 2021

Dr Frey listened closely to my concerns and was able to provide solutions to issues.

Oct 02, 2020

Dr. Frey is one best Neurologist I've had.

Oct 01, 2020

Dr. was very compassionate & listened well to my issues & concerns.

Sep 23, 2020

very good listener and able to explain significance of assessments.

Aug 22, 2020

i like my doctor a lot. i always feel comfortable talking about my issues

Jul 07, 2020

all good

Jun 30, 2020

felt taken seriously

Jun 27, 2020

Dr. Frye is very caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She's the best!

Jun 25, 2020

The entire team was top notch. it's obvious everyone takes pride in the job.

Jun 25, 2020

*Dr. Frey was great, is great.

May 19, 2020

Dr. Frey always listens and takes my thoughts and worries seriously.

Apr 28, 2020

Dr. Frey suggested exercises for my neck. She had her staff mail them to me!

Apr 15, 2020

Very impressed how concerned Dr Frey was, straight to the point.

Apr 15, 2020


Mar 24, 2020

When I met with Dr. Frye, I made sure she understood everything that was happening to me and all of my medical concerns so I wouldn't have to make another appointment so soon or other phone calls because I don't like dealing with the office.

Mar 07, 2020

she seemed more concerned about my condition

Mar 02, 2020

all good

Feb 28, 2020

Dr. Frey was very compassionate & considerate for my significant other's concerns. Dr. Frey is the first dr. to provide appreciate education to maximize my understanding of my Dx.

Jan 04, 2020

again, great doctor

Dec 19, 2019

Dr Frey is a excellent doctor and is very caring. She shows great compassion for her patients and she her best to try all ways to find a solution to their problem.

Dec 15, 2019

Experienced outstanding customer service throughout the visit.

Nov 16, 2019

Extremely helpful in offering useful information to help with pain.

Oct 18, 2019


Aug 23, 2019

I do recommend her to others I have gotten excellent care from all the staff.

Aug 10, 2019

Dr. Frey is phenomenal. She was the 3rd neurologist I've seen and I am so glad that I was lead to her.

Aug 05, 2019

All my experiences have been very good. I drive 1 hour to get there. If I wasn't happy I wouldn't.

Jun 05, 2019

Very good

May 25, 2019

Dr. Frey is an excellent physician. We appreciate the time she takes to help us understand what my mother is dealing with. She also helps us to make good decisions for her care since her mind is not good. She also addressed my mother with respect and compassion.

Apr 12, 2019

Dr. Frey is a wonderful and very compassionate person

Mar 25, 2019

I would recommend Dr. Frey to everyone I know! She is the best doctor I have ever seen.

Nov 06, 2018

Dr. Frey was the best with everything I needed. and I really appreciate the fact that she really listened to all of my concerns and explained everything I needed

Sep 28, 2018

Dr. Frey and her team are stellar. They are a definite asset to Memorial Healthcare.

Sep 17, 2018

Dr. Frey takes the time to look the patient in the eye and have a real appointment instead of looking at a computer. She is fully engaged in the conversation and listens. Whether I agree or disagree, I appreciate her effort to communicate. She is not condescending and that is very important to me.

Aug 10, 2018


Aug 08, 2018

every aspect of my experience with Dr. Frey was absolutely excellent

Aug 08, 2018

My only problem with this office is scheduling and prescription call ins. When she prescribes you something it takes days before it is sent in and if you have a question for her it takes just as long if not longer to hear back. Scheduling is also far out.

Aug 07, 2018

I didn't appreciate the doctor asking so many questions about my accident prior when I was there for my routine check up and when I asked her about it she told me that she has been in enough medical insurance lawsuit claims I let her know several times I was not there for that I was here today for my routine check up that was made a year ago. Also didn't appreciate her telling me that a deer accident doesn't usually do that much damage.

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