We’re Celebrating!

We’re Celebrating 100 Years!

In 1919, a vision for a hospital in Shiawassee County began to develop to serve as a memorial in memory of Shiawassee County soldiers, sailors, marines, and nurses who served their country during World War I. With funds raised from property tax assessments, the Red Cross War Relief Fund, and a generous donation from the Bentley family, Memorial Hospital officially opened its doors on May 1, 1921. Today, our care extends throughout seven counties in mid-Michigan with more than 200 medical staff providers and nearly 1,500 nursing, medical, and other professionals. Aided by the latest science and technology, in 2020, Memorial Healthcare cared for over 3,600 inpatients, nearly 240,000 outpatients, and treated 20,331 patients in our Emergency Department. Throughout the last century, community support has been instrumental in ensuring Memorial Healthcare remained an independent, non-profit organization. As set forth by our founders in 1921, Memorial Healthcare continues to be governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Throughout the next year – beginning May 1, 2021 and continuing for 365 days – we will honor the past, celebrate the present, and lead Memorial Healthcare into the future with a continued focus on the high-quality, compassionate care you’ve come to expect. We thank you for your continuing support — we look forward to celebrating with you!
Whether you’ve been a patient, a supportive family member, an employee, a provider or volunteer, many of us have special memories we can share about Memorial Healthcare. If we have touched your life, please tell us your story!

Tell Us Your Story – 100th Anniversary