Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, and Memory Care

Watching a loved one struggle to take care of themselves can be a difficult process. However, knowing the right time to enroll them in assisted living can provide a multitude of benefits. It can protect them from accidental injuries from slips and falls or provide stability and assistance in everyday activities. In addition, it can give them the social and mental stimulation they may otherwise be lacking.

Deciding to enroll in assisted living is not easy. But Memorial Healthcare dedicates itself to easing the process. We ensure our patients feel right at home by providing a safe, compassionate environment. Learn more about our assisted living, memory care, and long-term care for families in Mid-Michigan.

When to Seek Out Assisted Living

When deciding if a patient or loved one should enter an assisted living facility, there are many aspects to consider. If a patient is recovering from surgery, trauma, or a health condition, assisted living can be the optimal place to heal. This is especially true if the individual requires all-around care. Assisted living can also be a great option if a loved one becomes unable to complete essential daily tasks, such as taking care of themselves, cleaning the house, cooking meals, or remembering appointments or medication regimens. In addition, assisted living is great for those who find themselves injuring themselves through falls and trips. This can be an indication they may not be able to care for themselves, especially if their injuries become severe.

Other signs that a loved one may need assisted living include:

  • Developing cognitive issues
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Disinterest in activities and hobbies

Families also may choose to enroll their loved ones in assisted living if they are unable to care for them. Some family members may require an extensive level of care that families cannot provide due to their already busy everyday life. Assisted living can give them the peace of mind they need in knowing their loved one is receiving the best care. At Memorial Healthcare, we provide the services to give individuals 24/7 care so those who need it can rely on the expertise of knowledgeable professionals.

Long-Term Care at Memorial Healthcare

Memorial Healthcare offers a 39-bed Long Term Care unit on the hospital’s 5th floor when around-the-clock attention is needed. We provide quality care in an environment that encourages independence and personal choice. We have 5-star staffing, which offers an outstanding staff-to-resident ratio that allows the health team to focus on each resident’s unique strengths and abilities. Dr. Narender Thatikonda, M.D. serves as our Medical Director to ensure quality care, consistency, and attention to detail. Residents can enjoy family-style dining and late-night snacks or order directly from the cafeteria. Here in the Long-Term Care unit, there is a choice of activities. Whether it’s painting, gardening or simply looking at photos or listening to music. Our activities are tailored to a resident’s individual preference.

Assisted Living at The Meadows

The Meadows is a Memorial Healthcare facility that focuses on short-term, long-term, and memory care for families in the community. Whether a patient is looking to heal from surgery or requires extensive medical care, the professionals work with patients and their families to find the right care plan. With a variety of amenities, loved ones can have the independence and care they need to thrive. The Meadows provides many services, including:

  • Activities program
  • Salon
  • Three daily meals
  • Housekeeping services
  • Transportation
  • Laundry services
  • 24-hour staff

The Meadows includes 47 private rooms, 33 of which are dedicated to assisted living clients. Families also can choose an all-inclusive care package upon enrolling. This package features all services at a set price, making it easy to seek assistance for their family member. This ensures that loved ones receive the exact level of care they require, especially if they have certain medical needs or cognitive issues. This level of dedication, mixed with the desire to create a warm, inviting environment, ensures individuals can feel comfortable at The Meadows.

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